• Question: Do you think human beings have become dependent on commodities?

    Asked by doctorwhomadperson to Davie, Gemma, James P, James V, Nuala on 28 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: James Verdon

      James Verdon answered on 28 Jun 2012:

      Hi doctorwho,
      I think humans are now very dependent on commodities and trade. Go to your local supermarket and see where all the products have been made or come from, and they’re from all over the world. It’s amazing that global trade networks are so extensive and complex, but we could be putting ourselves at risk if networks break down.

      Also, transporting these goods all over the world is not good for the environment. It would probably be better if we used more local resources, and lived slightly more simply.

    • Photo: James Pope

      James Pope answered on 28 Jun 2012:

      Hi doctorwhomadperson.

      I agree with James V and I do try to buy local fruit and veg and british meat when I can, but it can be hard work in a supermarket. I just wish I lived near a local butcher as I think you get the best meat from them and likewise a good greengrocer!

      That said, in terms of emissions, due to the amount of methane that cows produce, British beef steak has more greenhosue gas emissions than an Australian born and bred Kangeroo burger! It’s a crazy stat, becuase of the way that cows digest food and produce lots of gas (most of it from their mouthes not their farts!

    • Photo: Gemma Purser

      Gemma Purser answered on 29 Jun 2012:

      Hi doctorwhomadperson

      Absolutely!! coal, oil and gas and even the electricity we produce from them are all huge commodities that humans have become so dependant on and to be honest I’m not sure how humans would cope if their supply was switched off tomorrow. It would be a pretty chaotic planet! However saying that I think we have become more aware of our demand for these things in recent decades and we have realised that we need to be slightly less dependent and so have started to conserve energy more than just wasting it. Simple things like turning off lights, not leaving the TV on stand-by, fuel efficient cars, even recycling plastics are just some examples!