• Question: How many stars can you name?

    Asked by yamon to Gemma on 24 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Gemma Purser

      Gemma Purser answered on 24 Jun 2012:

      Out of the 10,000 stars that you can see with your eyes in the night sky I can only name one!
      I know there is a star called Gemma! The star can be found in a constellation called the Northern Crown, its Latin name is Corona Borealis.

      A Constellation is a collection of stars that makes a pattern in the sky. I know about 3 constellations off by heart!

      I know Orion (three stars in a straight line is his belt), Cassiopeia (this looks like a ‘W’ shape in the sky) and the plough (part of the constellation Ursa Major…the Great Bear). I would like to learn more though as I love looking at the stars on a clear night! Its cool how the more you look at them the more you start to see!!